Finding the Best Whey Protein Supplements

There are a number of companies today who claim to make the best quality muscle building Whey Protein supplements on the market. Many of these are based on some or all of the most popular ingredients and none have a crucial component that only they are allowed to include. And yet they claim to be so much more advanced than any others that it makes it impossible to decide which is best based on manufacturers claims alone. User reviews can help but it would be helpful to know for a beginner, if some of these companies claims or products can be dismissed as of less or no greater quality than any other with similar ingredients before even having to find reviews of each individual product. So what makes a reputable supplement company?

To start with it’s often helpful to understand how supplement companies work. While it’s good business for them to appear as though they have their own team of scientists creating the best Whey Protein supplements which are unique to them, in reality most ingredients will be sourced from companies who produce them, and mixed together by another company who may work for several supplement companies at a time. While all the products have a unique blend, they are all based on recognised scientific recommendations of appropriate levels for intense exercise. This means that while some may be more effective than others, as long as the primary ingredients are sourced from quality manufacturers they will be of a good standard of quality.

The problem persists however, that each new formulation claims to be far more effective than any other, whilst being based around the same ingredients and of a similar composition. So how can you tell who is telling the truth? Well it seems to come down to the facts, and how open the company is in disclosing all the facts to the consumer. The most effective formulas will have to use the highest quality raw materials available, and these will be the same as can be found in other quality products. If a company is honest about where it sources its ingredients from then you know that they are not making any claims without providing any evidence. If a company claims to have a superior ingredient with a different molecular structure that no other manufacturer has access to, this is likely to be false, since supplement companies do not really produce their own raw materials, or have the manufacturing capability to make such changes.

So to make sure your supplements are really capable of doing what they claim to, just keep in mind these important facts:

* If its a secret, it’s probably a lie.
* Look for full disclosure on ingredients and where they are sourced from.
* All companies use the same ingredients.
* Quality ingredients lead to quality products.


Ninja Pulse Blender Review (BL204/BL205)

Ninja Pulse Blender BL204/205 Review The Ninja Pulse Blender sounded good on TV, like most products they try to sell us every day that we just can’t live without…yea right!  So anyway, being a “master blender reviewer”, I decided to give this a try considering a lot of people will probably want to buy  this new shiny Ninja Kitchen System product and will need an un-biased review to finalize their choice. I’m here to serve people, that’s my destiny !

My new Ninja Pulse!

So I received my Ninja Pulse blender last week, packaging was great like all Ninja Blender Products. These guys always come up with clever ideas to package their products so that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to the customer at the end of the line. Small details like this make a difference at the end for the customer who will pay less for more. At first sight this unit is probably the closest thing I have found to the Magic Bullet Express; major differences being the jars and the equipment/parts coming with it. The base is solid and not slippery. The engine does make a lot of noise but you can’t have it all for a product under 100$. The engine is 700 watts which is not a lot but more than enough for what you will probably want to do with this blender. Lets just say that it will crush ice quite easily, enough to turn it all in snow well under a minute. I would’nt crush frozen fruits all day long however as this is very hard on most blenders. At this point you might want to buy a blender from Blendtec and never look back afterward… but let’s face it, their products are of commercial quality and will cost 4 times the price you will pay for the Ninja Pulse Blender. I have found the best price for the  Ninja Pulse  Blender at Amazon (33% Rebate)

TheNinja Pulse Blender BL204W Features And Parts:

  • (1) 40-oz. processing bowl with stacked blades and Pulse™ Lid
  • (1) 40-oz. storage lid
  • 2 Single-serve blending cups
  • 1 Single-serve blade assembly
  • 2 To-go lids
  • 1 Parmesan shaker lid
  • 1 Dough Blade
  • 1 Cookie Paddle
  • Pulse it Up! Cookbook
Interesting facts about the Ninja Pulse Blender

The containers are made of BPA free plastics which is nice for our little planet (including the single serve cups). The single-serve cups and 40-oz. bowl are also microwave-safe but it is strongly recommended not to go to the point of boiling, I found this information deep on their website under a FAQ section and thought this was major and everyone should know about this. You dont want to get intoxicated drinking a sweet smoothie dont you? . The gradient lines on the jars to be easy to read and I must admit actually that the entire process was quite a breeze throughout all the tests I have made since last week. On the bad side, I have found the electric cord lenght on the Ninja Pulse blender to be a bit too shor. With only 2 feet of lenght, you better have a connector close to where you intend on using it. There is a storage space underneath the motor base to wrap it around if need be.


All in all, considering the cheap price, all the goodies you get and from my personal experience using it in the last couple of days, I recommend buying the Ninja Pulse Blender if you need an affordable blender that will let you do a lot of different things in your kitchen for very little work. In my case, I’ll probably give this one to my sister ( I just have too many blenders at home and can’t keep them all..) and I know without a doubt that she’ll be more than happy. I forgot to mention that I also love the look of this new Ninja Pulse Blender. I have found the best price for the  Ninja Pulse  Blender at Amazon

Onkyo TX-SR608 AV Receiver Review

Looking for a good Audio receiver? Here’s my Onkyo TX-SR608 review!

When thinking about buying a home theater system, most people usually worry about getting the biggest TV, or the best projector and home theater receivers, are the last thing on their minds, if at all. This however is a very big mistake!

Sure,the best picture quality possible is important for a home theater, but it’s only one half of the perfect entertainment experience! You will also need excellent sound  for your home theater and the best way to get it, is with a good audio receiver!

A home theater receiver will provide you with cinematic sound that will greatly enhance your entertainment experience!

Some of the Top Ranking AV Receivers, will even enhance the video signals and provide you with better picture quality too! Simply put, your home theater just is not complete without a good receiver home theater!

There are many receiver reviews that you can find on the web, but on this one, we’ll talk about one of best home theater receiver models on the market right now, the Onkyo TX-SR608!

According to many home theater receiver reviews, it’s one of the best audio receivers you can get your hands on today! Let’s see how it fares in my Onkyo TX-SR608 review!

Onkyo TX-SR608 Overview

As we all know, 3D video is the next big step in the evolution of home entertainment. The 7.2 channel Onkyo TX-SR608 receiver is one of the first Onkyo receivers that have been specially designed and engineered to support this revolutionary technology!

Although the TX-SR608 is marketed as an “entry-level” receiver, which means a very basic device, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with some of the most cutting edge technologies and advanced features usually found on high end Onkyo receiver models, well beyond this price range!

For starters, it comes with 6 top of the line HDMI ver1.4a inputs. HDMI 1.4a is fully compatible with the brand new 3D video format! It also features an ARC (Audio Return Channel) allowing for data to be streamed from your display back to the AV receiver!

Because of its outstanding quality and performance, the Onkyo TX-SR608 AV Receiver has been awarded the very prestigious THX Select2 Plus Certification, making it the first of the Onkyo Home theater receivers ‘600 series’ to do so!

Onkyo Receiver Design

The Onkyo TX-SR608 home theater receiver comes with the elegant and very attractive black fascia that all owners of Onkyo AV receiver models have come to know and love! The layout of its controls is also very intuitive, functional and extremely easy to use and understand!

A standby button is located on the left side of the receiver, while a large volume control knob can be found conveniently on the right side. On the center sits a fluorescent digital display that is very easy to read and yet very subtle at the same time, which means that it will not affect your movie viewing experience in low lighting conditions!


The optional Onkyo UP-A1 dock for iPhone/iPod lets you connect directly to your TX-SR608 receiver.

Below the display, you will find a row of various mode and source selection buttons. Finally, a very useful headphone jack, a mic input and an analog video and audio input jack complete the front face layout!

There were some complaints about the fact that the previous models were running hot, but Onkyo has listened to this customer feedback and placed a large heat sink and a pretty big fan, about 5″ in diameter, just below the top grill. The fan runs very quietly and helps the receiver remain cool!

Onkyo TX-SR608 Cutting edge audio output technologies!

Two brand new surround sound technologies from Audyssey and Dolby laps will provide you with new ways to set up your speakers of your home theater system in your living room!. Audyssey DSX is a revolutionary new technology that allows you to incorporate “front wide” speakers instead of the usual surround back speakers!

This in turn enables you to greatly expand the width of your sound stage. These new channels will help your Audio receiver produce a far more realistic sound stage and a way more immersive listening home entertainment experience! You can also use the Audyssey DSX capabilities to reconfigure the TX-SR608’s surround back channels to deliver “front height” channels instead!

These channels will carry ambient and non-directional audio that adding an entirely new vertical dimension to your movies and games and providing you with a one of a kind experience! Dolby Pro Logic IIz will also provide you with a similar front-height speaker option that will also help create a more enveloping and immersing home theater experience!

Onkyo Receiver Brand new overlaid On screen display

The Onkyo TX-SR608 features the option of set-up menus appearing overlaid on the image of the video or movie that you’re currently watching. This basically allows you to adjust the settings immediately, without having to stop watching your movie and switch back to the starting screen and menus!

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

  • Great sound quality!
  • Jam packed with useful and fancy features!
  • Pretty good video upscaling!
  • THX certified!
  • Amazing price on!

The Bad:

  • Its sound quality is not quite as good as that of more expensive models.
  • Auto speaker set up program is not sophisticated enough.

Where to buy Onkyo TX-SR608 from and for how much

The best place to buy this product is for sure! Not only will you find the best OnkyoTX-SR608 price there, but they’ll also ship it to you for free!

Affiliate Disclaimer
I would like to inform you that i spend countless hours reviewing a great variety of products. If you found this review and the other home theater receiver reviews of this site useful; then please support my efforts. I am not asking for any donations

Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogger Review

Since I gave birth to my little one, like every mother, I have only wanted to give the best to my child. I cannot compromise of his safety and comfort even for a moment. Perhaps, this is why I completely gave up on the idea of going on regular walks and settled peacefully in my new found life of a mother. However, as some time passed, I realized that my lowered fitness levels are not letting me giving my best.

Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel JoggerThis is when my husband forced me to get back to a fitness regime and brought me the Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller. Although, I was apprehensive about my husband‘s claims about how I will be able to jog and look after our baby at the same, I was amazed how wonderfully everything worked out. I have had this product for close to two years now, which speaks volumes about its durability, and the stroller continues to look as new as it was the first day I saw it.

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Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller: Description

When I spoke to my friends about the stroller, I realized that it is actually the best stroller available in the market. I never knew my husband was so good at researching products. Anyhow, the jogger is largest in size when completely unfolded and can withstand a maximum weight of roughly 75 pounds. The frame is made up of aluminum, which makes the frame strong and sturdy. There is no rear axle on the frame. As a result, it allows maximum stride length.

Features and Benefits

This stroller is truly power packed, as far as its feature set is concerned. It looks after my baby’s comfort, safety and protection. Besides this, it takes care of my baby as I do. The features and benefits of the Joovy Zoom 360 are as follows –

Comfort Comes First

Comfort of the baby is of prime importance and no stroller can achieve its true purpose if the baby is not able to feel comfortable, relaxed and entertained when sitting in it. In fact, you will also not be able to enjoy your walk or jog if you are constantly worried if your baby is uncomfortable or disturbed.

The front swivel wheel is quite adjustable and extremely easy to steer. The product comes with a unique reflective package so that you can sight it during the night. The front tires are 12 inches in diameter while the rear tires are 16 inches in diameter. The rear tires are controlled using one step brake. The reclining system of the stroller is simply amazing. It can be controlled by one hand and can be reclined to innumerable positions.

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Safety Matters the Most

Most parents worry about the safety of their children the most while buying a stroller. If that is the case, the safety features provided by this product are sure to appeal to you. The harness provided on the stroller is a five-point one and secures your baby comfortably on the thickly cushioned seat. This harness can be adjusted, tightened or loosened, to give your child the right posture and be secure, at the same time. Therefore, you can ensure that your child is secure without choking him or her. The harness is made from a reflective fabric. As a result, you can easily locate your child even in dark surrounding.

I am a truly possessive mother, and I like to be around my child all the time. Therefore, a feature that I particularly like about this stroller is the leash that is present on the stroller. You can attach this leash to your waist and be rest assured that the stroller will not run away on its own. The brake system on the stroller gives you complete control on the movement of the stroller. Thus, you are in complete control.

Protection: A Valuable Add-on

I am always worried about sun protection, when it comes to taking my baby out for walks. I never want my child to bear the sun just because his mother wants to jog. I can never be that selfish. However, the canopy provided with this stroller is large enough to protect my baby from the harsh heat of the sun. Besides this, the canopy is also designed to protect my child from wind and UV rays.

Additional Features

Whenever I go out for a walk or jog, I generally have a lot of things to carry with me. Whether it is my baby’s toys to keep him entertained and happy or bottles of water and snacks, you name it, and I carry it. Besides these, there are other quintessential items like wallet, keys and phone. Considering the number of things I carry, I feel blessed when I realize the amount of storage space Joovy Zoom 360 has on it. It has cup holders for my bottles and zipped pockets to keep my phones and keys from getting lost.

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Reviews by Other People

When I decided to write this review, I thought about researching about the product a bit and in the process, I found the following reviews about Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller –

  • “The stroller turns and steers fabulously through tight turns and provides an exceptionally smooth ride to my baby.”
  • “The best features of this stroller are that the seat is high, and the reclining system is extremely flexible. Thus, my baby gets a good view of the world without compromising on comfort.”
  • “The sun shade canopy is large and comes with a cover that can help you counter any unforeseen rains while you are away. It protects my baby just the way a mother does.”

Where to Purchase

Buying Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller is fast and easy. You can order it online at the Amazon website. Click here to buy it now.

Final Verdict

In entirety, I am extremely happy to have Joovy Zoom 360. It is easy to pack and unpack. Besides this, I’m not very tall, but the height of the product is just right to let me steer it around for a ride. Jogging or walking is not just a great way to say fit, and in-shape, it also allows you to spend some quality time with your baby. I feel a stronger bond with my son now that we regularly go out for walks. You can certainly bank on Joovy 360 you take care of your baby’s comfort, safety and protection.

Best Camera Tripods

A camera tripod is used to hold your camera or a recording device in place, while you are producing a video. Due to the fact that there are hundreds of tripod models, and brand names to choose from, how do you know which is the best tripod for your intended use? A simple way for you to learn about the top rated tripods, for different types of recording, video and image taking, and different projects, is to use camera tripod reviews, to help you learn what the intended uses are, and in what conditions you should be using a specific tripod.

A tripod is a photographer’s best friend!

Depending on the lighting, the angles, how far you want to set the camera away from you when recording, and other factors, tripod reviews will help you choose the product that is specifically intended for the video and image quality that you are trying to produce. Further, if you are on a tight budget when trying to find the tripod, certain models can be purchased at a lower price point, and some brand name products are going to be a little cheaper than other models which are a little better known in the industry.

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Regardless of what you plan on using the tripod for, or whether you are an amateur or professional, is the site you want to visit to help you choose the right model. Not only will you find a series of options, and descriptions for different models, the chart is going to help you narrow down the list of options, for the type of video recording you are doing. So, reference the chart, compare the models, and find out what the top tripods are, for the different videos, and the high quality resolution recording you want to do, in any lighting or room setting you are working in.

If you need help on how to choose the best tripod for you, check out our guide here.

Top 10 Best Selling Tripods To Consider

If you are budding photographer looking for the best tripod to buy, then here are top 10 best selling tripods to consider:

The three section aluminum tripod is one of the most demanded or high selling tripod models in the market today. The tripod basically weighs 4 pounds and is made of high quality materials which ideally provide sufficient stability for any photography situation you will encounter. Manfrotto 190XPROB ideally comes with fast actionable leg locks which provide required stability and safety for digital SLRs.

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The tripod is easily rotatable up to 180 degrees. As if that’s not all, the tripod is made together with add -ons which enable it to be adjusted on uneven locations. The tripod is also very affordable as it costs around 160$ per piece. If you looking for the most affective yet affordable model then Manfrotto 190XPROB is one of the best tripods to consider.

Manfrotto 055XPROB Pro Tripod Legs

Manfrotto 055XPROB Pro is another best selling tripod from Bogen. The tripod has lot of similarities with Manfrotto 190XPROB series. The model weighs 5.3 pounds; its sufficient weight basically enhances central column usage. Its quick lock legs are highly versatile as they can be set or adjusted at different angles. The model is an improvement of Manfrotto 190XPROB and retails at about 180 $

Manfrotto 190CXPRO3 3-Section Pro Carbon Fiber Tripod

The Manfrotto 190CXPRO3 tripod series is made from carbon fiber. The model has gained lots of popularity due to the fact that it’s made of carbon fiber- a very sturdy material. The model provides a platform for taking razor sharp photos due to its ability to dampen vibrations- and as a result your cameras will not shake during photo taking sessions. The tripod weighs 2.8 pounds and can be extended up to a maximum of height of 57.5 inches and retails at 300$.Otherwise the series contains features similar to 190xProB. If you are looking for lightweight tripods made from carbon fiber then Manfrotto 190CXPRO3 is the best tripod to consider.

Gitzo GT3531 Series 3 6X Carbon Fiber 3-Section Tripod with G-Lock

Gitzo GT3531 Series -3 Section Tripod with G-Lock is a high- end tripod made from carbon fiber. Gitzo produces on of the best tripods in the market as a result of the G-lock patented system. G-lock system enables the tripods to be firmly fixed regardless of the height which they lock into. The tripod is has a very strong frame, weighs around 3.5 pounds and has a great feel. The award winning tripod can hold up to 40 pounds -a feature that shows how strong the model is. The model is perfect for those looking for a platform to take quality pictures ad videos. You will however have to spend a sizeable amount for the unit around 670$ to be precise.

Giottos MT9360 Aluminum 4-Section Tripod Series III Professional

The aluminum based model is one of the best tripod models in the market today. Some of the models excellent features include; The ability to extend up to 63.4 inches in height, holds a maximum load of 17.6 pounds, its legs use a pull and push release lever, easy to operate in a multitude of positions., has larger center column, flexible up to 180 degrees, highly durable frame, weighs 5.5 pounds etc. The effective tripod is moderately priced; with one unit going at around 175$.

Joby GP2-E1EN GorillaPod Flexible Tripod for Digital SLR Cameras

Joby GP1 E1EN Gorillapod is a revolutionary tripod which can come in handy in instances where a normal tripod or monopod cannot help you. The model has flexible legs which will help you to mount the camera in the most awkward landscapes or locations. The model is particularly useful when using smaller camcorders. If you are looking for the best tripod that will enable you take perfect pictures in unfamiliar landscapes then Joby GP1 E1EN Gorillapod is one of the best tripods to consider.

Joby GP8-BHEN GorillaPod Focus with Ballhead X bundle

Joby GP8 Focus Flexible Tripod is one of the latest models from the gorillapod product range. The unit has been touted as one of the best tripod for loading up a professional SLR camera with a heavy zoom. The model is carved from reinforced aluminum making it one of the strongest aluminum tripods in the market. The unit can hold up to 11 pound of weight and retails at around 100$.

Manfrotto 709B Digi Table Top Tripod with Ball Head

The Manfrotto 709B model was specifically made for point and shoot kind of photography. However the sturdy tripod can also be used to take macro shots. The compact mini tripod is easily portable and can be carried in one’s pocket. The model is very popular largely because of its flexibility -which allows panoramic rotation of about 360 degrees. The tripod retails around 40$ and can be considered a bargain for those looking for point and shoot as well as macro shoot using SLR digital camera.

Slik Sprint Pro II Tripod With Quick Release Ball Head & Case

Slik sprint is a very compact tripod in terms of weight and size. The top rated tripod has a host of outstanding features that include; weighs aroud 2.5 pounds, extends up the eight of 67 inches, has a reversible center column-which enables ground level shooting, its legs have the ability to adjust up to low angles, has a quick release head. Etc. you can purchase the outstanding model for around 90 $-what a bargain.

Oben CT-3500 5-Section Carbon Fiber Folding Tripod with BB-0T Ball Head

Oben produces high quality tripods that are light weights and affordable. The CT-3500 model has the ability to fold down to 13.3 inches and extends upwards up to 53.2 inches. The light weight model weighs around 2.3pounds and its legs can easily be folded. If you are looking for the best tripod for traveling then Oben CT3500 5 Section will get you sorted; as the model is easily portable. Lastly the model retails at around 349$ and can be considered the best tripod in its category.

How To Choose The Best Tripod for You?

Choosing the best tripod for your needs as a photographer can be an absolutely overwhelming experience. There are a wide variety of price points and materials to consider.

The type of tripod you need as a photographer may vary considerably depending on what sort of photographs you specialize in.

If you are an action photographer, then you are going to want something that is strong and lightweight with a pivoting camera mount and secure locking mechanism to ensure you capture as much of the action as possible. This means that you will likely be in the market for a tripod that is made of a very durable material, such as stainless steel or titanium, but is also lightweight and compact enough to carry with ease and comfort.

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A landscape photographer however might not need all the same tools or resources that an action photographer might need. If you tend to take a lot of time lapse photographs or pictures in situations that require a long exposure time you are going to want a tripod that is sturdy and solid once it is put into place to ensure that the camera will not move due to wind or other environmental factors and ruin your shot, as well as your artistic vision.

As you can see, the selection process can get to be confusing. Mostly because many photographers enjoy many different kinds of shots!

So, to help ease the pain of tripod shopping, we are going to look at a few tips for finding the right tools to fit your needs.

Factors to consider while buying tripods for your DSLR camera:


Your budget plays the biggest role in selecting the tripod for you. While you obviously want the best possible tripod, some of these tripods can run close to a thousand dollars, if not more. So, depending on your budget and your needs, there is a delicate trade-off between the tripod that costs 20 dollars and the best one that costs close to $1000.

Tripod Head

When choosing a tripod you are going to want to decide what sort of camera mount and/or locking mechanism you are looking for. The two most popular varieties of camera mounts are known as “ball heads” and “three-way heads.” Ball head mounts have a single locking screw that allows the photographer to adjust the camera when loosened. These mounts can be moved in any direction and in a wide variety of angles. Ball head mounts tend to be cheaper and more compact than “three-way head” mounts. This small size and low cost makes them perfect for shoving into a backpack or shoulder strap and carrying along a mountainside for the perfect travel photo. Ball head mounts do create some limitations, however. These mounts are not conducive to precise adjustment as they only have a single screw holding the camera into the mount.

As the name would imply, the three-way camera mounts have three separate screws which allow the photographer to adjust the camera on a separate pan tilt and swivel axis. This means the photographer can make very fine adjustments to the camera’s position on each separate access. This allows you to get the perfect shot. These mount’s precision makes them ideal for portraits and long exposure shots as they provide a very sturdy platform for the camera. Unlike ball head mounts, these mounts tend to be bulkier and less portable because they have handles and other adjustments mechanisms that stick out at precarious angles. This might make the mount more difficult to carry. And, of course, with greater precision that is higher cost than Ball head mount tripods.

Of course, you can also decide to just get a tripod for now and choose a separate universal fit tripod head later.

Material – Aluminum vs Steel vs Carbon Fiber

Now we know the pros and cons of the two primary types of camera mounts. After you choose which one is right for you, you must now choose what type of material suits your needs. Aluminum is light weight and tends to be the most inexpensive. This lower cost comes with the downside that it will also need to be replaced more often. This is because aluminum tripods are not very durable and are easily dented and scratched. That makes aluminum tripods ideal for the very casual hobbyist or for the occasional side job. If you are looking for something that is more durable and able to take some significant dents, scratches, scuffs and scrapes, then titanium or stainless steel would be ideal. Titanium or stainless steel tripods can be purchased for a reasonable low cost – sometimes as low as $35-50. Carbon fiber tripods are thought to be the highest quality – but this quality comes at a price. A good carbon fiber tripod can run into the hundreds of dollars. These tripods are for the most serious hobbyist or for professional photographers. Carbon fiber is very lightweight and can be strong – but not immune to damage.

Tripod Height & Stability

This is an often overlooked factor when looking for the best tripod to buy. However, out in the field, you need an appropriately sized tripod so that you are not left bending over to take the shot. So while choosing a tripod, go for one that is for a person of your height. Some tripods do come with a  center column that is convenient when additional height is required, but this can be at the cost of stability.

Finally, there are additional details of a tripod that can have a huge impact on your purchase. Once you determine the mount type and the material that fits your needs, you should search within those parameters for a variety of other key factors. These include maximum tripod height, tripod bases (some are more adjustable and suitable for rough or uneven terrain) and even stabilizer tools.

A tripod is a vital tool in the photographer’s arsenal. What tripod fits you best depends on a combination of amount of use, type of photography and budget.
Hopefully we have been able to cover the basic options available to lead you on the path to the perfect fit.

Best Generator For Home Use

It can be a little confusing at times as to what type of portable home generator you should buy. There are many different brands of generators such as Champion Poer Generators, Duromax Generators, ETQ  generators, and a number of other generators for home use which can differ greatly in price, features, and quality.

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The last thing that anyone will want to do is to spend their money on a home generator which does not live up to expectations or provide enough power.

You also need to look at a generator from the other side. We think that it is also a waste of money if you buy a generator which is too powerful for your needs. The best generator for home use is going to depend on your personal requirements, that is the first thing this you should be thinking of, what do you need it for? Check out this list of the Best Pressure Washers!

Best Generator For Home Use Which Generator?

We have looked at some of the best generators for home use on the market today. Researching consumer magazines and customer reviews to find some of the most popular home generators on the market, and in turn saving you time and work.

Whether you are looking for diesel generators for home use or gas generators for home use, you will find some of the most widely used home generators here.

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Before you start to look at portable generators for sale you will need to look at a number of things. The things to look at will include:

• Is the generator powerful enough to generate the amount of electricity that you need for your appliances?

• Whether you want a small home generator or a mid sized generator.

• How big is the fuel tank on the standby generator, and how much fuel does it need, and how long will it run for.

• How much noise will the generator make?

All these are factors that you need to look at before purchasing a generator for home use. Get this right and you will not need to spend money on features that you don’t really need. The best generator for home use in your own particular case will be the one that gives you specifically what you want. Check out this list of the Best Barbecue Grills!

Best Generator For Home Use – Price

You can pay anything from $150.00 to many hundreds of dollars for a portable home generator. We believe that we have found some of the best portable home generators based on technology, durability, functionality, and from the experiences of other buyers.

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We think that you will find enough information here for you to make an informative choice on what is going to be the best generator for home use for you.

iRobot Roomba 780 Review

The iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies has upgraded the hands-free cleaning power of this line, in order to remove 98% of pesky pet hair, debris, dirt, dander, and other allergens.

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iRobot Roomba 780 Features:

  • Advanced cleaning head
  • 6 Brushes (1 side brush, 1 beater brush, 1 bristle brush + extra set)
  • 2 Cleaning tools for brushes (flat and round)
  • 2-HEPA filter system
  • Infared remote control
  • Home base charger with power supply
  • Scheduled cleaning capable
  • 50% Longer battery life than previous models
  • 3-Stage cleaning
  • Responsive cleaning technology
  • Full bin indicator
  • 2 Virtual wall lighthouses (C batteries not included)
  • Extra set of 2 HEPA filters

The iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot removes dust, dirt, debris, and more with the simple touch of a button or on schedule. This machine has an improved cleaning technology that adapts in order to vacuum the whole floor, even underneath furniture. This iRobot adjusts to various surfaces and avoids drop offs and stairs. The brushes work to loosen debris from along vertical edges, then behave like a broom and dust pan, and finally suction removes dirt from the bristles.

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The dual HEPA filter system puts a halt to fine particles from moving about the space, and an indicator signals when the waste bin needs to be emptied. The dirt detection system drives this unit to focus on the dirtiest areas, in order to give floors that all over clean.

Virtual wall lighthouses keep this Roomba working in one room until its task is completed. It can be controlled via infared remote control and can even be programmed to clean whether or not anyone is there to watch it work. It lives on its self-charging home base, which gets this vacuuming robot ready for its next task.

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Do those who have used this vacuuming robot feel it gets their floors clean?

The Pros:

  • This vacuum cuts down about 85-90% of the human vacuuming duties. This vacuum is great for day to day vacuuming or even removing pollen from porches.
  • The concentrated cleaning technology really works to make sure that the floor gets clean. Floors can pass the “white sock” test after this Roomba does its thing.
  • The programmable feature is more of a delight than imagined.

The Cons:

  • Some customers find that this unit is a bit loud.
  • It sometimes gets stuck under furniture and has some difficulty with more plush carpets or rugs.
  • The filters clog up and need to be changed more frequently than expected.
  • This vacuum does not eliminate the need for a traditional vacuum.
  • This vacuum is not quite worth the money.

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Overall, iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies has been a hit with most of those who have used it. It is not necessarily the right vacuum for everyone, and those who expected it to be their only vacuum were disappointed. Those who bought it to decrease how often they would need to traditionally vacuum were largely thrilled. Savvy shoppers have been able to find this robot on sale, and more in depth reviews can be found at online retailers.

Shark NV356E Review

The Shark NV356E Navigator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner boasts anti-suction loss technology and a detachable canister for convenient, versatile cleaning.

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Product Features:

  • Weighs 14 lb.
  • Anti-suction loss technology
  • Anti-allergen seal technology featuring lifetime HEPA filter system
  • On/off brush roll
  • Extension wand, super-stretch hose, dust-away bare floor tool with washable, microfiber pads, crevice tool, pet-hair power-brush
  • Smooth-glide wheels and swivel steering
  • 30′ Power cord
  • 2.2 Quart to fill line capacity dust cup (4.4 quart total capacity)
  • Lifetime belt
  • 5-Year limited warranty

The Shark NV356E was designed to provide powerful, long term, lightweight cleaning of multiple dry surfaces, at an affordable price. This 14-pound upright has a detachable canister to assist with above floor cleaning, a lifetime HEPA filtration system, a multitude attachments, and anti-suction loss technology.

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This vacuum features a power-brush to help eliminate unwanted pet hair, and has a unique dust-away bare floor tool with washable, microfiber pads. Its anti-allergen system uses washable HEPA and other filters in order to capture 99.99% of dust, pollen, and other allergens. The lifetime belt is part of a system that shuts off when items that are too large are caught in the machine. The swivel steering paired with the smooth-glide wheels provides easy maneuvering, and the 30′ power cord means covering more rooms with less unplugging. What do those who have used this Shark Navigator have to say about how well it cleans a variety of surfaces?

The Pros:

  • This vacuum is surprisingly quiet.
  • The hard floor attachment works beautifully and is a time saver.
  • This vacuum has reduced allergies after consistent use of it.
  • The suction adjustment dial makes moving from surface to surface a non-issue.
  • The swivel head and lightweight make this vacuum easy for the physically impaired to use. This vacuum easily moves around and under furniture.
  • This Shark makes easy work of removing pet hair.
  • The cost of this vacuum is shocking, because the performance rivals that of a more expensive vacuum.
  • The dust bin is easy to empty and it fills up amazingly quickly due to the powerful suction.
  • The removable canister is makes cleaning other spaces a breeze.
  • It helps to restore carpets and rugs.
  • This vacuum is durable.

The Cons:

  • It has great suction, but it does not hold up against a more expensive, well-known vacuum.
  • Received some powerful static shocks from this vacuum.
  • It is not very durable and may lose suction, stop altogether or have parts falling off of it.

Overall, most reviews for the Shark NV356E Navigator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner are very positive. Whether it was reviewed after recent or long term use, most customers have high praise for this vacuum.

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Those who had negative reviews were much fewer and the some of the issues that took place widely go to show that no product suits all users. Some of it seems to be body chemistry related, and other issues may be production flaws, that have hopefully been rectified since then.

Wagner Power Painter Reviews

Being able to apply a smooth, crisp, even coat of paint quickly during a home improvement project – whether the coloring is for a single detail such as trim or shutters, or an entire room – is what the Wagner Power Painter is designed for.

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Quick but thorough jobs are the specialty of the Wagner 0525032 EZ Tilt 7.2 GPH Power Painter Max featuring Optimus Dual Tip Technology, which can spray effectively in any position or direction – even straight up – painting a smallish room in ten minutes. A 1.5 quart paint cup and a five foot suction supply hose whose free end can be dropped into a can of paint gives you plenty of “ammunition” for your project so you won’t run out halfway through.

Whether you are looking for broad strokes to cover a wall or a narrow spray to put the finishing touches on a small or narrow area, this Wagner mechanism has you covered. The two speed control alters the volume of material being projected from the painter, while the specially designed Optimus dual tip enables more precision while lessening wastage.

Be sure to read these reviews to find out which are the Best Generators!

This painter frees you from expensive, clunky compressors while creating professionally smooth paint jobs, collecting air with its expanded upper section and sucking paint through a five-foot tube that can be put into a can of paint. The spray produces a crisp, even coat without brushstrokes. Some users report two light coats are preferable to “hosing down” an area. Slow spraying causes drips, but this is easily avoided by moving at reasonable speed.

The Wagner Power Painter EZ Tilt 7.2 GPH is a superbly versatile tool for painting projects in the home. The device can handle and spray a large variety of materials that you might need to apply. Latex paint is probably the most common paint used in this device.

This paint goes on cleanly even when thinned with equal amounts of water, offering complete, swift coverage with two coats. Oil paint, plus stains for unfinished wood, also goes on very smoothly with this painter. Once you are done and have cleaned the device, you can even use it to apply sealants without changing the nozzle or any other parts. Furthermore, many different spray angles are possible.

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This Wagner mechanism works even when the nozzle is directed straight up or down, as well as on the level or at angles. You need not worry about the paint stopping or even “stuttering” when you are putting the finishing touch on the most awkward nook or cranny of a room.

Despite many of its strengths, the Wagner Power Painter does have a few drawbacks. One is that it is quite loud – which is only to be expected, since it does double duty as a sprayer and self-contained air compressor – so ear protection of some sort is recommended, even if this is simple foam earplugs. The painter uses paint more rapidly than a brush, so it is probably wise to have some extra paint on hand – though the excess usage should not exceed 50% more even if you are a sloppy painter.

Like all painters, it does put some misted paint into the air, so eye protection and a decent particulate mask is a must for safe painting. Finally, cleaning up the Wagner EZ Tilt Painter can be somewhat involved. It disassembles easily but each piece will have to be scrubbed out with a toothbrush and wire brush (included) and either soapy water or thinner, depending on what you sprayed. Cleaning usually takes longer than the paint job application itself.

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With the enormous time savings over a roller or brush, the superb sleekness of the coat without brush strokes that it offers, and its extreme versatility of both material and position – all with less than two feet of overspray even on a fairly reckless paint job – the Wagner Power Painter helps to bring home painting into the 21st century, transforming large home improvement projects into something that you can finish in less than an hour rather than using up your whole weekend.

Graco Magnum X5 Reviews

In the past, painting the exterior of a house was a long and painstaking process that took many days using brushes, rollers or involved the extremely expensive services of professional house painters. Today, with the swift onward march of technology, home paint sprayers like the Graco Magnum X5 empower regular folks to apply a fast, great-looking paint job even to major projects like a whole house exterior, a deck, or a long picket fence. This process is eased by its high painting rate of over 14 gallons per hour and the extremely convenient 25 foot paint supply hose. Be sure to read these Paint Sprayer Reviews to find out which are the Best Paint Sprayers!

Without a paint cup weighing it down, the Graco Magnum X5 (262800) Airless Paint Sprayer is extremely lightweight, despite being ruggedly built of metal, and can be used for long periods of spraying without fatiguing the user’s arms or hands. This, as well as the long paint supply hose – which draws paint directly from 1 gallon or 5 gallon paint cans – helps to make the machine well suited to medium sized projects and even larger ones.

Due to the high rate of spray – which can only be lowered by use of third party regulators – the Graco Magnum isn’t the best sprayer for very small projects such as painting a single set of shutters or a small piece of furniture. This is a fairly powerful sprayer that outputs .24 gallons a minute, and is clearly designed for painting whole rooms, houses, outbuildings, and fences. The intention of the design is made clear by the fact that there is no paint cup at all, only the tough, long supply hose. Be sure to read these Generator Reviews to find out which are the Best Generators!

The coverage the Graco offers is topnotch, which produces a velvety, crisp finish on smooth surfaces and a more complete finish on irregular surfaces. Deeply fissured boards on a shed, for example, can take up large amounts of time as the painter tries to prod paint into the recesses with the edge of a brush. The thorough but very even spray of this device penetrates all crannies of the surface with a single pass, and provides a robust finish on the second.

One refreshing detail about this device is that it is quite easy to clean assuming that you are using latex paint or some other water-based material. In this case, you can remove the material supply hose, attach a garden hose in its place, and allow a jet of water to pass through the mechanism for several minutes. For solvent-based paints such as oil paint, it is still necessary to disassemble the paint sprayer and use brushes to remove all traces from its interior. Some users note that it is necessary to make certain the clamp holding the hose in place is properly attached. Otherwise, the water pressure will pop the hose off and spray paint-filled water everywhere in the vicinity. Be sure to read these Pressure Washer Reviews to find out which are the Best Pressure Washers!

One of the most remarkable features of the Magnum X5 is that it is an airless paint sprayer – all of the painting action is provided by a stainless steel pump. The control knob on the casing allows you to fine tune the pressure for your current needs, altering the speed of the piston to provide exactly the rate of application you want. However, the device does use a lot of paint.

The Graco Airless Paint Sprayer isn’t without a few drawbacks, though these are small compared to the positive features it boasts. One is that it is strong enough to create clouds of overspray, calling for a respirator, good ventilation, and plenty of drop cloths during use. The swift, energetic spray of paint means that you need to move fast in order to prevent rivulets of paint from running down the wall. The included DVD provides excellent directions on how to get the best results, though.

The Graco Magnum X5 is not for all homeowners, but for those thinking of a larger project such as repainting their house or putting a crisp, fresh coat of white paint on their picket fence, this system is nearly ideal.

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Large amounts of paint are delivered through the far-reaching 25′ hose and create a smooth coat that looks as good as any professional work.

Wagner Paint Crew Reviews

When confronted by a major paint job, such as painting the exterior of a multistory house, a large barn, or doing a full interior repaint, the lighter weight sprayers with paint cups or suction supply hoses that are dropped into an open can of paint cannot compare with a high volume, professional grade painter such as the Wagner Paint Crew. This device, which bears the full name of the Wagner Power Products 3/8 HP 2,750 PSI Paint Crew Paint Sprayer, is a piston pump sprayer which is constructed to shine in large scale paint jobs. Be sure to read these reviews to find out which are the Top Paint Sprayers!

The Paint Crew lets you spray many hard to access areas in comfort, and with great dexterity, because it moves paint storage and piston operations to the hopper, rather than placing the mechanisms in the paint gun. The gun itself is basically just a pistol grip and a filter and nozzle section, and weighs only a few ounces. The attachment of the hose to the hopper means you cannot pull it out of the paint if you move more than 25′ away – an occasional problem with those supply hoses that just drape into the can. The gun is aluminum, making it lighter, much more durable, and rust-proof, which is backed up by Wagner’s one year limited warranty. The hopper weighs 25 pounds and holds 2 gallons of paint, with a comfortable metal carrying handle so that it can be easily moved from place to place. Be sure to read these reviews to find out which are the Best Generators!

In terms of performance, this device stands among the hardest working on the market. At 2,750 PSI of pressure, the Wagner Paint Crew can handle even the most viscous, thick latex paint, as well as oil point, wood stains, primers, preservatives, and sealants. Abrasive materials should not be shot with this painter. The nozzle can be turned to provide a vertical or horizontal painting pattern to adapt to the area being worked on, while turning from one position to the other also unclogs the nozzle on the occasions when it “chokes” on a clump of paint.

Cleanup is the main sticking point that users encounter with this machine. A multistage process is involved, starting with passing soapy water through the device several times, disassembly of the gun, and the use of brushes to scrub out every fleck of paint, and finally to thoroughly oil every part of the implement. One hour’s cleanup would fall at the shorter end. Less experienced users or those who used heavier materials can expect to spend two hours or more cleaning.

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Users with experience of the Wagner Paint Crew advise heeding the manufacturers when they suggest that you use this painter for only large projects. The device will save time over brushes or rollers when the surface being painted covers many hundreds of square feet. The Paint Crew will compress your working time down to an hour or less rather than days. However, for small jobs, it is really not worth doing 5 minutes of high quality painting at the cost of 2 hours cleanup.

For larger jobs, however, this painting device by Wagner is eminently practical and produces beautiful painting results over large, complex surfaces in a very short amount of time. The very fine droplet size means that the paint has a satiny, almost airbrushed smoothness, a remarkable achievement for an airless piston pump.

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Good production values give you a reliable painting tool that should work for years with proper care. This will enable you to finish even the biggest house painting job with style in just an hour or two and move on to the next job or step back and admire your handiwork.

Proform Exercise Bike Reviews

Proform is a well known brand in the fitness world and it is not hard to see why. They produce some of the best fitness equipment presently available. However, apart from their wide range, their exercise bikes seem to stand out the most.

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A Proform exercise bike, in general, is manufactured for people who are looking for a challenge that they can’t get with real bicycles. A Proform exercise bike has many benefits and it can definitely be seen in their wide range of models.

Here are a few Proform exercise bike models that you will definitely want to check out:

The Proform 290 SPX Bike

The Proform 290 SPX is probably the best all-round exercise bike out there today! This Proform exercise bike was built for intense cardio workouts and those who keep their workouts consistent will surely favour this one! Here are some of its awesome features:

  • Pedals with toe cage which increase stability and can also be used with the opposite side up for extra intensity
  • Adjustable seat with padding. Adjustable both vertically and horizontally
  • Adjustable non-slip handle bars with grip that are ergonomically designed to cut down on fatigue and prevent discomfort
  • Chain drive system for a smooth and comfortable ride, and many more…

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Proform 290 CSR Recumbent Bike

The Proform 290 CSR was meant to combine entertainment and comfort into your workouts. Its unique features include:

  • 16 digital resistance levels to increase intensity and improve muscle tone by burning more calories
  • 20 personal trainer workouts. These programs take the guesswork out of your workouts by automatically increasing the resistance of the bike, therefore, increasing the intensity.
  • The GameFit touch-screen fitness games keeps you from ever getting bored of just sitting down and cycling for long periods of time! Games include Black Jack, Texas Hold ‘Em, and Calorie Destroyer
  • An integrated heart rate monitor and so much more…

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The Proform 280 CSX Upright Bike

This is no ordinary Proform exercise bike! It is easy to assemble and fun to use. This exercise bike is way too under priced. Anyway, here are its features

  • Upright exercise bike with digital magnetic resistance system
  • 8 workout programs and integrated target pacer coach
  • Blue backlit LCD display makes it easy to track progress
  • EKG heart rate monitor provides accurate pulse reading
  • Adjustable padded seat, cooling fan, and bottle holder

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Ryobi BTS12S Review – 10 Inch Portable Table Saw

Are you looking for a new table saw to fill the void in your workshop? Or, are you a contractor and you need an affordable table saw to take to your various job sites? Well, we have just the product you’re looking for, and it retails well under the $150 mark. We’re referring to the Ryobi BTS12S 10 Inch Portable Table Saw.

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With this great piece of machinery, you get a steel table top for you to hoist the saw on top of. It has a wide stance so you don’t have to worry about it falling over and tossing your new table saw. Along with the steel table is the table saw, transparent blade guards and a 24 tooth carbide tipped blade.

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The Ryobi BTS12S 10 Inch Portable Table Saw has a strong 13 amp motor that is more than enough power to take whatever size stock you can throw at it. This unit is lightweight which makes it easy to move in and out of the truck. Its 24 tooth blade is strong and sharp and will give you the cuts you’re looking for. Luckily, Ryobi included a though kickback guard that prevents the blade from grabbing your wood and tossing it.

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You are capable of cutting stock at 3 inches at 0 degrees, 2 5/8 depths at 45 degrees and 9 ½ inch cuts to the right side of the blade. You can adjust the blade height using the handy adjustor that is located on the side of the Ryobi BTS12S 10 Inch Portable Table Saw.

What was the end result we had with this table saw? Well, the team was very impressed with what it had to offer. The Ryobi BTS12S 10 Inch Portable Table Saw is a strong unit, with a great table top, made with quality materials. Its products like this that earn a respectable 4 out of 5 star rating!

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Thank you for reading the Ryobi BTS12S Review – 10 Inch Portable Table Saw

Garmin 60Cx Review

Garmin 60Cx is one of the best GPS Navigators I’ve ever used. The 7.5-ounce GPSMap 60Cx comes along with superb accurate high-sensitivity GPS receiver by SiRF that tracks your position even in a deep forest or canyons.  You get a bright, sunlight-readable color TFT display and an included a 64 MB microSD card for storage of optional map detail. That small device can navigate you even in the most difficult field.

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On the preprogrammed microSD cards from Garmin (sold separately) you can find topographic maps, city streets, and nautical charts. In fact, the unit is compatible with most Garmin MapSource products including BlueChart, City Navigator, U.S. Topo 24K, and U.S. Topo and Recreational Lakes with Fishing Hot Spots. The unit comes preloaded with an Americas autoroute basemap that provides automatic routing capabilities including highways, exits, and tide data. It includes odometer, stopped time, moving average, overall average, total time, max speed, and many more.

The 60Cx’s gives you 2.6-inch, 256-color TFT color display designed to present mapping and trip information clearly and accurately even in poor lightning conditions. Even when it rains 60Cx’s won’t disappoint you – it’s waterproof.

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Another key feature of the 60Cx is the 10,000 point automatic track log; 20 saved tracks (500 points each) let you retrace your path in both directions which is extremely important in the mountains – even in the fog you know exactly where you’re heading ( couple of times that feature helped me to keep away from danger).

The GPSMap 60Cx is packed with some extra features. An integrated outdoor calendar provides ideal hunting and fishing times, as well as moon rise/set/location information. There is a dedicated geocaching mode for those of you into the hot GPS community treasure hunt game.

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Let’s take a look at Garmin 60Cx’s features.

  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Color-handheld mapping ideal for both marine and outdoor use
  • Bright, sunlight-readable color TFT display
  • 64 MB microSD card for storage of optional map detail
  • Fast USB connectivity makes loading charts and maps quick and easy

Let me show you one of the customers reviews

I recently received my 60cx from Amazon, and after putting it through its paces, I am extremely impressed with it. I had the older GPSMAP 60c as well, and did some comparisons between the two.

Garmin’s not kidding when they say this receiver is more sensitive. I can pick up at least 5 satellite locks from INSIDE my house, about 10ft away from any window. I don’t even know how it’s possible, but it locks on and maintains its signal.
Bottom Line, if you’re looking for a fantastic GPS unit that is perfect for rugged activities like hiking and geocaching, and can also handle “turn-by-turn” road navigation with ease, then this is the GPS for you! Garmin has done a great job with this thing! Buy this now!

Ben B.

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Garmin eTrex Venture HC Review

After using it for a couple of months I can say that eTrex Venture HC is an essential for any outdoor excursion. Take a look at it’s features below.

Clear Reception
The Garmin eTrex Venture HC helps you navigate through the toughest terrain. Garmin’s navigator is equipped with a high-sensitivity, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver, which locates your position quickly and precisely –you can rely on it even in the tree cover.

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Intuitive Operation
That’s what I like about Venture HC’s – it’s easy-to-use menu lets you create and view waypoints (up to 500), save and view 10 track logs, access setup features, and more – and all that is very intuitive. You can load waypoints and routes from the included MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager software with 24 MB of internal memory card

Besides appreciating its small size, outdoorsmen will also be happy with the Venture HC’s unique button layout, with five buttons located on either side of the unit. The benefits of this design are twofold: you can operate it with just one hand, and, second, with the buttons on both sides of the unit, the bulk of the front is dedicated to the 256-color, sunlight-readable TFT display. This makes it easy to distinguish map details in all weather conditions.

Comprehensive Basemap
The Venture HC’s Americas Recreational basemap, meanwhile, contains lakes, rivers, cities, interstates, national and state highways, railroads, and coastlines–in short, a host of helpful details for your outdoor adventures.

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The map covers the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America.

And More…
Other details include an IPX7 waterproof housing, a built-in patch antenna, a USB interface, a hunt/fish calendar, sun and moon information, and a geocaching mode.

The Venture HC, which runs for up to 14 hours on a pair of AA batteries (not included), measures 2.2 by 4.2 by 1.2 inches (W x H x D) and is backed by a one-year warranty.

Take a look at Garmin’s eTrex Venture HC features

  • High-Sensitivity, WAAS-Enabled GPS Receiver Provides Peak Performance In Any Environment
  • Built-In Basemap Includes Lakes, Rivers, Cities, Interstates, National & State Highways, Railroads & Coastlines
  • Features A 1.7-InchH X 1.3-InchW Screen With 256-Level Color Tft
  • Usb Compatible For High-Speed Map Downloads
  • 24 Mb Of Internal Memory Allows User To Load Waypoints & Routes From The Included Mapsource Trip & Waypoint Manager Software

Trip and Waypoint Manager

Make trip planning simple for your next outdoor adventure with the included MapSource Trip and Waypoint Manager. This computer software allows you to transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between your Garmin device and your computer. For reference, Trip and Waypoint Manager provides general worldwide maps that include interstates, motorways, political boundaries, principal cities and towns, oceans and other general reference details to place your GPS data in context.

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What’s in the Box

eTrex Venture HC, Basemap, MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager Software, USB Cable, Wrist Strap, Quick Start Guide, User’s Manual.

Here is one of many positive reviews about Garmin® eTrex Venture® HC

By Michael F.

I wanted a GPS primary for hunting and have used Garmins with good success in the past. This model provided all the features I was looking for and more. I never once lost reception while hunting even in the deepest woods. The unit worked equally well in a pocket or inside the truck which wasn’t the case with the previous GPS units I’ve used. I’ve recently started using my GPS while running to track milage and speed. The Trip Computer will track distance, max speed, average speed, time spent moving and time spent stopped. While you have to reset the data each time it’s still a very useful tool.

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Garmin Rino 530 Hcx Review

Garmin Rino 530 Hcx goes one step further than all other navigators. It doesn’t only lead you through tough forests and mountains but also shows you the position of friends that are with you and using the same device. To be honest with you that is a great stuff especially in the mountains when you go in two or three teams and suddenly you loose eye contact with one of them – Rino still shows them on the screen.

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More than that you can communicate through FRS/GMRS radio with your friends when you are outdoor. That feature of Rino series gives you kind of Instant Massanger  for outdoor enthusiasts. It can even safe somebody’s life. Imagine that something happens to your friends in the mountains and the only way to locate them is by you telling the rescuers exactly where they are. It sure gives you more confidence when it’s most needed.


One thing must be said – Rino 530Hcx is not a slim GPS Navigator for those who love design. Not in this case. This device is not a fancy gadget – but it gets the job done.

Unit has FRS/GMRS radio capability for three power levels (1/2, 2, & 5 watt) – depends on which one is to be used. Secondly Rino 530Hcx has a great, tested GPS navigation system with quite a big screen and high sensitivity receiver which is basically the same as in 60cx – no need for Garmin to change something that already works perfectly in other handhelds.

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It has a rubber buttons, big antenna and a rocker button in the front that works as a mouse to move around the screen. It’s slightly smaller than in 60cx though – that’s because there is a speaker in front side of the unit.  Lithium Ion battery pack lasts for 14-16 hours. That’s not that much you say – I agree. That’s why Garmin allows you to use ordinary alkaline batteries when the original ones run out – it’s a great back-up option.

As I said before – it’s not a fancy gadget fitting in your pocket. Rino 530 Hcx is fitted with a great clip that you can attach to you belt. It’s better to have it close to you anyway – I personally don’t like to dig in my pockets when I am in the mountains and have a lot of equipment around my waist.

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Under the battery pack on the back of the unit you have a SD card slot. Originally you have a 1GB card that allows you to store map data and thanks to it’s capability a lot of waypoints, routes and tracks.

More than GPS

Rino 530Hcx unit has all that you might use outdoor. Garmin included barometric altimeter and electronic compass. There is one more great feature that got my attention – Weather Radio. 530Hcx enables you to check the updates on weather conditions in the area you are in. It’s always good to know when the storm is coming beforehand, right?

Getting back to FRS radio. It has 38 privacy codes ( CTCCS ) which makes it easier to talk with the rest of your crew and not hearing others on your channel. But IT DOES NOT make your conversation private.

Rino 530Hcx has been fitted with one more feature that’s not that common amongst handhelds. Garmin included a City Navigator that will easily get you to the street you want. I don’t say that it can be used instead of an ordinary automobile navigator but when you really need to find some street in the city it gets the job done as well.

Who is Garmin Rino 530Hcx for

  • Mountaineers
  • Extreme skiers
  • Everybody who loves outdoor sports

Technical Details

  • High-Sensitivity, WAAS-Enabled GPS Receiver
  • Electronic Compass Displays Accurate Heading While Standing Still
  • Barometric Sensor With Automatic Pressure Trend Recording
  • Features Built-In Quad Helix Receiving Antenna & Basemap With Automatic Routing Capabilities
  • 5W Of Transmit Power Using Gmrs Frequency Up To 14-Mile Range

The Good:

  • Large, clear display
  • Reliable GPS system
  • FRS/GMRS radio inside the unit
  • Weather Updates powered by NOAA

The Bad:

  • Expensive
  • Too big to fit in a pocket

What’s in the Box

Rino 530HCx radio, Americas Recreational basemap, wrist strap, belt clip, USB cable, lithium-ion battery pack and charger, MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager, AC adapter, quick-start guide, user’s manual.

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Here is one of the reviews found on Amazon

By Pelk.

Garmin has delivered a well rendered product that simplifies communication, GPS and coordination of movement with the 530 HCx. I was looking for a combo unit for sometime for Hunting, kayaking and hiking that would enable me to stay in contact with other members of my party, exploit GPS land nav and keep tabs on my travelling companion’s position. Boy did this field test well. Easy to use and intuitive, out of the box I field tested it Kayaking and hiking; worked fine though would have liked more battery life, the radio reception was excellent but found range approx 2 miles max on line-of-sight but otherwise held up well. GPS was outstanding – had no problems with uploading topos, using the various mapping features and found the compass and altimeter were very precise. An excellent and handy product -wish I had this 20+ years ago in the USMC.

Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer Review

You wіll hаvе absolutely nо wоrrіеѕ creaming buttеr оr kneading dоugh wіth the ΚіtchеnΑіd Αrtіѕаn Stand Μіxеr Υоu can еаѕіlу mіx up а bаtch of cооkіе dоugh to kееp thе kids оccupіеd fоr a whіlе cuttіng them оut аnd then dеcоrаtіng thеm

Τhrее attachments аrе іncludеd with thе ΚіtchеnΑіd Artisan Μіxеr: аnd anything nееdіng аіr infusion. а flаt beater fоr mіxіng batters аnd аnуthіng with tеxturе, а whip fоr mауоnnаіѕе, cream оr аnуthіng needing аіr іnfuѕіоn and а dоugh hook fоr knеаdіng breads аnd уеаѕt products. Τhеѕе аttаchmеntѕ are оf ѕоlіd construction аnd аrе easily cоnnеctеd tо the ѕhаft оf the mіxеr. Ιncludеd in thіѕ mоdеl is а pоurіng shield tо guіdе ingredients іntо thе bowl whіch іn turn lоckѕ tо the bаѕе tо keep ѕtаbіlіtу whеn mixing.

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The mіxеr ѕtаndѕ 15 іnchеѕ hіgh and іѕ quіtе heavy, іt nееdѕ to bе ѕеt up оn уоur kitchen bеnch pеrmаnеntlу, so dоn’t cоnѕіdеr buying іt іf you wаnt а mixer tо put away whеn nоt in uѕе. Ιn ѕауіng that іt іѕ a vеrу аttrаctіvе piece оf mаchіnеrу and mоѕt cооkѕ are prоud tо show thеіr ΚіtchеnΑіd Artisan ѕtаnd mіxеr off аnd dіѕplау it оn thе kitchen bеnch, еѕpеcіаllу with thе hugе variety оf cоlоrѕ the mіxеr cоmеѕ in. Τhеrе аrе bright cоlоrѕ ѕuch as rеd аnd blue, nеutrаl cоlоrѕ such аѕ crеаmѕ and whіtеѕ аnd beautiful pаѕtеl cоlоurѕ there wіll dеfіnіtеlу be а cоlоr to cоmplіmеnt уоur kitchen dеcоr

Ρrоѕ оf the ΚіtchеnΑіd Αrtіѕаn Mixer

Ιtѕ pоwеr and thе аttаchmеntѕ that cаn bе purchased fоr іt. Its tоugh аnd will оutlіvе аll your оthеr kіtchеn appliances

Cons оf thе KitchenAid Αrtіѕаn Μіxеr

Μауbе a lіttlе hеаvу but і ѕtуlіѕh enough tо lеаvе on thе bеnch top

Overall Τhіѕ mіxеr is а tоugh little crіttеr аnd will dо а lot оf thе stuff а cоmmеrcіаl mixer wіll dо. The mаchіnе аt first mау lооk a lіttlе unuѕuаl but іt dоеѕn’t take lоng tо grow оn уоu. The bоwlѕ аnd large аnd еаѕу to mаnіpulаtе аnd it іѕ еаѕу to fееd уоur ingredients wіth thе chute thаt іѕ in thіѕ mіxеr You аrе аblе to dо оthеr things whіlе thе mixer іѕ dоіng its jоb іn the kіtchеn, аlmоѕt like hаvіng а second pаіr оf hands.

However bеfоrе mаkіng your purchаѕе wrіtе down а list оf уоur requirements іn а kitchen mіxеr аnd then cоmpаrе thе kitchen mіxеrѕ аvаіlаblе on thе іntеrnеt, you wіll fіnd a wіdе rаngе to chооѕе frоm with grеаt rеvіеwѕ to hеlp уоu decide. whіch іѕ the bеѕt kіtchеn mixer fоr уоur needs.






Keurig B-40 Coffee Machine Review

After reading reviews on the Keurig I decided to invest in one. The reviews were really good so I thought the standard of the machine must be exceptional value The Keurig Coffee Machine passed the test with flying colors The Keurig Coffee Machine is raved about by all the reviews that I read and this intrigued me to look into the machine further The reviews all ended up with the same conclusion and that was this the Keurig Coffee Machine was definitely worth the investment. Plus now my review can be added to the list as well.

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Pros of the Keurig Coffee Machine:

It can also be used to make tea and there are K-cups available and heats water in less than twenty seconds. No need to use the kettle if you want to make a cup of tea with a tea bag its quicker and easier. The Keurig Coffee Machine is adaptable and you can use ground beans of your choice to make your own favourite blend of coffee. No need to take Barista lessons it is very easy to use. No need for paper filters. This machine makes cup of coffee that doesn’t have coffee grinds in the bottom of the cup.

Excellent customer service, Keurig’s customer service is second to none. Keurig has an available help desk 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week if you have a problem with the machine. Stylish looking the Keurig Coffee Machine is a product that will take a place of pride in your kitchen the blue LED lights look modern and great both day and night. Cons of the Keurig Coffee Machine The K Cups are not available at a lot of stores and the ones that do stock them charge quite a lot for them. 18 cups for $10 which is crazy.

But now Amazon has come to the rescue. Their price for the cups are $20 for 50 cups This is the way to go if you want these cups. I would also opt for the variety pack so as you can choose the coffee that you enjoy the most. You will be able to impress your friends with the different variety’s of coffee. Over 1300 reviews can be wrong, people only leave reviews if they love or hate a product and with a rating of 4 stars it speaks for itself.

The cost of a cup of coffee from the Keurig Coffee Machine works out at about 40c so if you are used to spending money each morning at the coffee shop on the way to work the machine will pay for itself in no time. Do your research to make your choice but remember thousands of Keurig Coffee Machine Customers cant be wrong.

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Girl Gear Industries 69 Pink Tool Belt Review

Nowadays there is a great variety of tool belts of the different size and purposes for carrying all your needed tools and instruments. We want to make a brief review of the Girl Gear Industries 69 Tool Belt, which was specially designed in pink for those female constructors or field workers who care about their outfit. Tool belts are perfect solution for the field workers to make their work safe and easy. Initially tool belts were invented by professional carpenters to decrease the back stress and avoid the pain in the back after the hard working day.

This exclusive model is made in pink, but notwithstanding its pinky design it provides all the needed professional support the tool belt may provide. There are four large main pockets and six smaller pockets. The tool belt has the special loops for fixing and carrying the hammer and the drill.

It is quite impressively designed not only because of its color but also because of the material: it is made of leather suede, which will really last for ages and will provide the best durability the belt may have. Also, the natural leather material is really nice for skin and it ergonomic and handy, you would enjoy wearing it. The leather material is also great because it may easily be used in heavy duties.

The double padded belt provides needed air ventilation and is easily adjusted and fixed for different hip sizes – from 30 inches to 47 inches wide.

Girl Gear Industries 69 Pink Tool Belt Features

  • 4 Main nail/tool pouches-Center pocket for: tape measure, nails or additional equipment
  • 6 Little pockets fit: pliers, screwdrivers, nail sets, files, pencils, etc.
  • 2 Durable hammer/drill loops
  • Heavy duty suede natural leather
  • 2 Polyweb belt with quick-release buckle fits hips 30 – 47

Girl Gear Industries 69 Pink Tool Belt Reviews

The smaller pockets are ideally designed for carrying a very small items and instruments like screws, nails, pencils, files, etc. There is a comfortable large pocket in the center of the belt, which is perfect for storing the measuring tapes and also to hang the hammer in the loop. And, the weight of this tool belt is only one pound without tools, which means extra light, non pressing feeling during the whole working day.
The pockets’ layout is really handy; you will not have to spend much time for searching the pockets. You may also change the pockets add something more or delete some useless ones. This tool belt is compatible with both right and left handed sides.

Plus to the pink tool belt you may also purchase other pink accessories, sets of instruments, working gloves, protecting cap or the pink knife. You may keep all your stuff including the keys and mobile phone in one of the safe and secure pockets of this belt.


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The only is, you have to make sure that the pink color is not over-bleeding on the other clothes, but even if it does, you may easily wash it in the laundry.

The price will satisfy the needs of the most exacting customers – it may vary from around 27 USD to 50 USD depending on the special offers and the shop. Girl gear Industries 69 Tool Belt will definitely make you feel comfortable and unique even in the environment of the heavy duty construction sites, you will be seen with your pink tool belt.

Bucket Boss 55033 Builders Rig Review

Bucket Boss 55033 Builders Rig is an extremely light weight and easy to use tool belt which is perfect for everyday use of construction workers, carpenters, seasonal workers and electricians. It is a handy model which is supplied with the pockets which may be easily adjusted and reversed. The Bucket Boss is the manufacturer which is one of the world leaders in producing the equipment and tools for contractors, builders, site-workers. This brand provides the high quality and usefulness of all parts of the product.

This model of tool belt is made of modern, strong and ergonomic material, the nylon, which is also very nice to wear and light weight.

Bucket Boss 55033 Builders Rig model is supplied with deep pockets, the pouches, which may be also removed or changed. The pockets are folded, so that it is very comfortable to keep the small things inside like nails or screws or bolts.

The belt is easily adjusted and may fit very large sizes – from 27 and up to 52 inches of waist size. The belt is additionally padded which provides extra durability and the belt is not hanging or stretching beneath the hips, but is positioned stably. There is a special loop for hanging the hammer, and the additional small sized pockets which may be used for keeping a very small things like knifes, squares, pencils, etc. There is a separate pouch for storing the measuring tapes.

The Bucket Boss Builders Rig is designed in the way to make the adjusting of the belt easy and the system of how the pockets and pouches are located and how they may be reversed and moved is really the flexible one. You should not have to spend much time on fixing and putting on the tool belt as well as you will easily find all the necessary tools and instruments. The belt itself is really wide, so it will comfortably sit on your hips, well fixed and without hard pressure.

Bucket Boss 55033 Builders Rig Features

  • Reversed taper pouches
  • Padded belt matches 28 to 52-in. waists
  • Pleated pouches keep nails securely
  • Detachable pockets
  • Made of durable Anso-tex nylon

Bucket Boss 55033 Builders Rig Reviews

The weight of Bucket Boss 55033 model is just around 2 pounds without instruments. You may easily order some additional bucket boss features like for example holder for the drill or the organizer for the tools. And you may always purchase the suspenders for the better equality of the weight and tension.

The belt spine is doing very well; it is protecting the belt from compression. The pockets are supplied with the inner smaller ones, for holding extra small things, which make it possible to independently store different small instruments and easily find them in the pocket.


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The light weight and the design of the Bucket Boss Builders Rig tool belt make it a good tool belt for the whole day. It is easy and handy so even the beginners or non-professional carpenters or constructors may use it. The design of this tool belt is really pretty, it is made in brown and green colors, strong, light and long-lasting.

The price is really cheap, you may find the Bucket Boss 55033 Builders Rig for just around 30-50 USD.

BucketBoss Extreme Gear 55035 Mullet Buster Tool Belt Review

BucketBoss Extreme Gear 55035 Mullet Buster Tool Belt is the modern product which may easily vary all your instruments and details. It is supplied with comfortable extra-padded suspenders, which decrease the pressure in the areas of the back and the hips and enable to work the whole day in the field without any trouble.

BucketBoss Extreme Gear 55035 is made for comfort working, as it is also supplied with the pads supporting the hips area. The material it is made of is a type of fabric of the denier type or the modern nylon, which means that this tool belt is really strong and will not tear. It is the perfect choice for professional carpenters, construction workers and any contract workers, who need the comfort and easy access to all the needed instruments and tool during the day.

The weight of this BucketBoss tool belt with suspenders is a little bit more than 5 pounds.

The suspenders are provided with the special pocket for the mobile phone, which is handy and comfortable feature. There is another mobile phone holder on the belt as well.

The pouches are additionally forced with plastic, which enable to use them for a long time, and they are open wide, which enables to access them easily and take out all the necessary items quickly.

There are separate pockets additionally forced with plastic where you may keep your knife, measuring squares, and there are also the special extra small pockets for storing very small items like nails or screws, or bolts.
All pockets are deep enough to provide easy work and find the needed instrument quickly. The BucketBoss Extreme Gear 55035 Tool Belt is designed to please even very large sized workers or the seasonal workers who may wear lots of clothing and stuff. It is easily adjusted and may fit the sizes from 27 and up to 50 inches waist size. All of the pockets may also be adjusted depending on your preferences. The pockets are of different sizes, compatible with various instruments, such as measuring tapes, hammer, nails and bolts.

BucketBoss Extreme Gear 55035 Mullet Buster Tool Belt Features

  • Padded suspenders w/mobile phone pouch – Effortless on the body and keeps the cell phone at hand.
  • Hip support pads – Increased waist ease and comfort.
  • 1680 denier fabric – Will wear forever.

BucketBoss Extreme Gear 55035 Mullet Buster Tool Belt Reviews

The design of this BucketBoss Extreme Gear 55035 Mullet Buster Tool Belt is very simple, easy and functional. The nylon material and the padded suspenders provide the easy and comfortable feeling, as if it is not the tool belt, but the normal clothing. The pockets are really the universal ones and are designed in the way to suit different items. The loops enable to hang the instruments, and the little pockets are deep enough to comfortably keep all the needed small items like screws, bolts or nails. This model is supplied with the special place for square speed and the measuring tape, which, although, does not have to be very long one.


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You can also store in this belt a very small items like knives or pencils. The points of the maximum stress and tension are protected with extra clipping.

BucketBoss Extreme Gear 55035 Mullet Buster Tool Belt is the great choice due its low price, which may be around 60 USD.

Milwaukee 49-17-0190 Tool Belt Review

Milwaukee 49-17-0190 Tool Belt is a heavy duty tool belt consisting of 33 pockets and three independent areas, which is as ideal solution for construction workers, carpenters, seasonal workers and electricians.

Milwaukee Company is one of the world leaders is producing the heavy duty tool belts for professional industrial purposes and for electric industry.

Milwaukee tool belts are perfect solution for the field workers to make their work safe and easy. Initially tool belts were invented by professional carpenters to decrease the back stress and avoid the pain in the back after the hard working day.

Milwaukee 49-17-0190 is produced of modern polyester material which provides good protection from water and has a very high solidity. The pockets are of different sizes, compatible with various instruments, such as measuring tapes, hammer, nails and bolts and even the small drill.

The bottom pouch of the Milwaukee 49-17-0190 Tool Belt is spacious, flat and open, providing good level of stability and comfort in storing the small items. In each pouch there is a special area for keeping measuring square, and there are also special holders and clips for fixing the tape measuring instruments up to thirty feet long.

There is a special holder for mobile phone which is the detachable one.

The large pockets enable to keep there a cordless drill. The loops enable to hang the instruments, and the little pockets are deep enough to comfortably keep all the needed small items like screws, bolts or nails. This model is supplied with the special place for square speed and the measure tape may be clipped.

Milwaukee 49-17-0190 Tool Belt Features

  • Heavy-duty 600 Denier Ripstop Polyester Material is incredibly sturdy and resists tearing
  • Big flat base pockets supply the consumer with expanded storage capacities
  • Attached mobile phone case accepts a cell phone or 2-way radio
  • Speed Square Pockets located in every big pouch supply fast and simple accessibility

Milwaukee 49-17-0190 Tool Belt Reviews

The size of the Milwaukee 49-17-0190 Tool Belt is easily adjustable and may fit even very big sizes of hips and waist, which means that you can wear it on the big amount of clothing, which may happen during the field work in the winter time and also is very good for seasonal workers. This tool belt may fit very large sizes from thirty to fifty inches waist size.

The points of the maximum stress and tension are protected with extra clipping. You can also store in Milwaukee 49-17-0190 a very small items like knifes or pencils, using one of 33 pockets.

Due to its modern material, the resistant to water type of polyester, the bag is very light weight and it provides good ventilation in the belt area. It is the special type of material used mainly for the purposes of heavy-duty usage. The weight of the belt is only five pounds. This type of material is also very quickly drying comparing to such materials like leather. This tool belt may be produced both for left and right handed workers.


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Many workers use this tool belt with Milwaukee suspenders, which may provide additional stability and comfort especially for construction workers to decrease the pressure in the area of hips and back.

The price of Milwaukee 49-17-0190 Tool Belt is comparatively low, you may find it for around 40-90 USD according to the seller.

Custom LeatherCraft 1614 23-Pocket/5-Piece Review

Custom LeatherCraft 1614 23-Pocket/5-Piece Comfortlift Combo System is the innovative tool belt with suspenders, which is made of the double polyester material, which provides light weight, durability and is ergonomic. The tool belt consists of 13 pockets and small sleeves, and six large-size pockets. The Custom LeatherCraft tool belt is an ideal solution for carrying the tool, which allows the hands to be free and the back not to be so tired in the end of the day. This model is popular among different installation workers, repair workers, electricians and some other contractors. The suspenders are decreasing the weight pressure in the hip area, which most of the belts provide if they are used without suspenders. They are easily adjusted and provide comfort during the work.

There are two special hammer holders and the clip for the measure tape. The pockets are designed in the way that they provide the best access to all needed items, combining it with secure storage. There are special spaces available for keeping safely the measuring squares for carpenters, L-type measuring squares and the so-called combination squares. The open pockets webbing is reinforced which allows to use easily all the frequently needed tools and instruments and provides additional solidity for the tool belt.

The suspenders of the Custom LeatherCraft Comfortlift Combo System are specially padded which provides comfort and decrease the tension and pressure. They provide the equal spreading of the weight and allow you to work longer and more effectively.

You can also store in this belt a very small items like knifes or pencils, using one of 13 pockets. The points of the maximum stress and tension are protected with extra clipping.

The pouches are kept safe and still due to the doubled padding and the heavy duty type of the webbing belt.Custom LeatherCraft Tool Belt is supplied with the patented handles fixed in the top area of the both pouches, which enables to easily carry and transport all the tools and instruments. This model is really classical looking one and it may easily fit different sizes of the waist – from 30 to 46 inches wide. Due to the modern type of materials used this tool belt is very light, its weight is around 5 pounds.

Custom LeatherCraft Comfortlift Combo System Features

  • Manufactured of 2x layered 600D polyester material
  • Absolutely flexible, padded suspenders designed to hold and dispense weight consistently without strain on lower back and hips
  • Easy Carry Handle design provides for simple adjustments and simple storage with no spilling items
  • Recently created Sta-Open main pouches are tapered for a lot quicker access to tools
  • Customized pocket for combination square or L-rulers

Custom LeatherCraft Comfortlift Combo System Reviews

There are also sleeves on the belt for the pry-bars. The Custom LeatherCraft Combo System may be produced both for left and right handed workers. You may separately order the bags and adjust it yourself or make your own combination of pouches and bags using as many as you may need.


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There is enough space for all the necessary hardware and all the instruments like screw drivers will be very well organized, still leaving enough space for storage of all needed things of different size. The little slots are very good for keeping the small things like pencils or any attachments for the instruments.

Mobile, lightweight, modern-designed and long-lasting Custom LeatherCraft 1614 23-Pocket/5-Piece Comfortlift Combo System has a very good price – it may cost you just around 40-50 USD.

Milwaukee 49-17-0195 Tool Belt Review

Milwaukee Company is one of the world leaders is producing the heavy duty tool belts for professional industrial purposes and for electric industry. Milwaukee 49-17-0195 Tool Belt is a heavy duty tool belt consisting of 33 pockets in five areas, which is as ideal solution for construction workers, carpenters, seasonal workers and electricians.

Milwaukee tool belts are perfect solution for the field workers to make their work safe and easy. Initially tool belts were invented by professional carpenters to decrease the back stress and avoid the pain in the back after the hard working day.

Milwaukee 49-17-0195 Tool Belt is produced of modern polyester material which provides good protection from water and has a high durability. The pockets are of different sizes, compatible with various instruments, such as measuring tapes, hammer, nails and bolts and even the small drill.

The bottom pouch of the Milwaukee 49-17-0195 Tool Belt is spacious, flat and open, providing good level of stability and comfort in storing the small items. In each pouch there is a square pocket, and there are special holders for tape measuring instruments up to thirty feet long, which are also the heavy duty ones.

There is a special holder for mobile phone which is the detachable one.

The large pockets enable to keep there a cordless drill. The loops enable to hang the instruments, and the little pockets are deep enough to comfortably keep all the needed small items like screws, bolts or nails. This model is supplied with the special place for square speed and the measure tape may be clipped.


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Milwaukee 49-17-0195 Tool Belt Features

  • Tool Belt demonstrated complete with equipment to show its sufficient storage functionality
  • Heavy-Duty 1800 Denier Ballistic Polyester Material provides outstanding toughness
  • 2 Heavy-Duty Die-Cast Tape Measure Holders support a typical 30-ft. tape measure and a Milwaukee compact driver/drill
  • Huge smooth bottomed pockets offer the owner with improved storage capabilities
  • Extractible Cell Phone Holder accepts a mobile phone or 2-way radio

Milwaukee 49-17-0195 Tool Belt Reviews

The size of Milwaukee 49-17-0195 Tool Belt is easily adjustable and may fit even very big sizes of hips and waist, which means that you can wear it on the big amount of clothing, which may happen during the field work in the winter time and also is very good for seasonal workers. This tool belt may fit very large sizes from thirty to fifty inches waist size.

You can also store in this belt a very small items like knifes or pencils, using one of 33 pockets.

Due to its modern material, the ballistic type of polyester, the bag is very light weight and it provides good ventilation in the belt area. It is the special type of material used mainly for the purposes of heavy-duty usage. The weight of the Milwaukee 49-17-0195 is only 6 and half pounds.  This type of material is also very quickly drying comparing to such materials like leather.

Many workers use this Milwaukee tool belt with Milwaukee suspenders, which may provide additional stability and comfort especially for construction workers.

If you are looking for the long lasting tool belt for heavy duties, which will provide easiness and comfort for your work, then Milwaukee 49-17-0195 Tool Belt is the good choice for you. The price of this Milwaukee tool belt is really fantastic for the level of durability and advantages that it offers. Its price may vary from 120 USD to 150 USD.


How To Choose The Best Tool Belt

Tool belt is the comfortable carrying bag system for different tools. It is widely used in different industries, but mainly in construction, by electricians, carpenters and in some other activities, where the portable carriage of the set of the needed instruments is necessary and has to provide the comfort and hand release. Tool belts are perfect solution for the field workers to make their work safe and easy. Initially tool belts were invented by professional carpenters to decrease the back stress and avoid the pain in the back after the hard working day.

Tool belts may consist of different number of pockets, they may be produced of different materials, they may be suspended and crossed or be fixed like the belt. Best tool belt has to provide ergonomics, air ventilation, it does not have to be heavy and it is necessary that tool belts provide enough space and flexibility to allow the hands and body to move without difficulties. Tool belt may be also purchased in parts, you may combine different pouches and pockets and make the tool belt of your own.

Tool belt materials and ergonomics

Much attention should be paid to the material and ergonomics of the belt are: in the modern models the padding area is made of special neoprene material which provides high density and easiness in adjustment. The inner material of the pouches should be strong enough to carry sharp details like nails or screws. It is better that the holders for hammer should be made of stainless steel and that the hammer will be hanged in the angle position. Most of the tool belts are supplied with highly protected holders for mobile devices.


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One of the most popular modern models of tool belt is the carpenter tool belt combo, which provides good ventilation due to the special air-channel molded pad, there are enough pockets for all the tools, and the special holder for the hammer. One of the world leaders in producing the leather tool belts is the occidental leather manufacturer, which is making the high quality tool belts for the last 30 years. Some simple types of tool belts may be produced from polyester, they are comparatively cheap. Also, nylon material is widely used in tool belt production.

Magnetic tool belts

Some of the manufacturers like for example Magnogrip is popular for its magnetic tool belts, which keep the tools, nails and bolts safer inside the pouches and pockets. There may be up to 12 pockets in the belt, most of which remain open to provide easy and quick access to all the needed items during the working process. This magnetic tool belt is perfect for carpenters, who may keep the small nails and hammer safe and easy to access.

One of the leaders on the market is the Milwaukee manufacturer of tool belts. They produce the professional tool belts for heavy works, supplied with more than 30 pockets. The polyester material is are resistant to water, they are light and provide good protection.

Some Bucket Boss Tool Belts are adjustable and are of so called stronghold series of belts which are very well adjusted for the area of wide hips and are good for seasonal workers. They may be right or left handed.

Tool belts for electricians

The tool belts for electricians are usually made with suspenders to provide additional stability during the dangerous works. The points of the maximum stress and tension should be protected with extra clipping. Most of the tool manufacturers provide the guarantee that the belt will not tear during the work. The edges of the pockets are also more protected with nylon or some other material webbing. The tool belts of the Gatorback company have the patented air-channeled molded system provides additional ventilation and maximum comfort during the hard works on construction sites. Best tool belts are supplied with special hangers and small areas for hand instruments. The tool belt that you choose should be easily fixed and adjusted, you will not have to spend lot of time for finding the right place for your stuff and instruments. The pockets should be quite deep to enable an easy storage for different items.

Most of the tool belts are supplied with special handles so that you could easily take them with you and transport them.

Weber Style 6445 Professional-Grade Stainless-Steel 3-Piece Barbeque Tool Set

Weber Style 6445 Professional-Grade Stainless-Steel 3-Piece Barbecue Tool Set, three piece long handle grilling tool set by Weber, that includes tongs, two prong fork, and slotted spatula made from professional-grade stainless steel.

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Brand: Weber

Weber Style 6445 Professional-Grade Stainless-Steel 3-Piece Barbecue Tool Set include three of the most used grilling tools that should be in everyone’s arsenal of “must have” barbecue accessories.

Made from stainless steel, with a comfortable length of 18 inches to safely keep your hands away from the hot zone of any grill. A nice little addition to these grilling tools, is a molded rubber grip that adds user comfort and a non-slip feel for added safety, or slippage for the messy cook.

Pieces that are included

  • 18-inch spatula – Flip Burgers with ease, reach to the back of the grill without fear of flare-ups.
  • 18-inch two-prong fork – easily add juicy steaks to the grill, pointed ends make for flipping and serving a snap.
  • 18-inch chef’s tongs – The perfect tool for the smaller meals, such as grilled vegetables, hot dogs or even stirring a pot of beans.

Stainless Steel vs. Wooden Handle grilling tools

There is something to say about wood, the feel and fit in ones hands but this is where the comparison ends and the stainless steel out shines. Wooden handle tools out of the package look great, freshly coated stain, ready to work, but what happens after a few runs through the dishwasher? Those handles lose their color quite fast, handles become water logged and expand. When this expansion happens to often, the wood over time will loosen from the rivets that hold them in place.

Stainless steel such as the Weber Style 6445 Professional-Grade Stainless-Steel 3-Piece Barbeque Tool Set takes all the abuse you can throw at them, multiple trips through the dishwasher, no problem. Happen to drop one, no attached handle to come lose. After years of use, they still can shine like new.

People love these tools

Dependable BBQ Tool Set

These 3 pieces are very dependable when grilling. I like they they are a bit heavy and sturdy in your hands. Great product!

Great set of BBQ tools

First off these look great and are super sturdy. They are large tools great for cooking on a full size grill.

Great BBQ Tools

I have owned numerous BBQ tool sets in the past and never had one that felt good or would hold up.

Excellent quality

I have owned them for approximately 2 years and they still look new even thought they have been in the weather the entire time.

Make a smart purchase from the start, in the end you will save money!


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